Prepare For Your First Appointment

Obtain a prescription for treatment from your medical doctor (Chiropractors excluded).

A prescription is an order from your doctor for physical therapy services. Written on it will be the diagnosis, a duration and frequency for treatment. The document should be signed and dated by your doctor.

In addition to a prescription, some insurance plans require a referral for physical therapy services. A referral is an authorization generated from your primary care physician (PCP). The referral is on-file with your insurance carrier and is valid for a specific number of visits as well as a specific range of dates of services.

It is the patient’s responsibility to obtain the referral from your PCP. You can call your insurance carrier to inquire about a referral or use our insurance links on our link page to check on your insurance company’s website.

Note that if you do not have insurance or if you prefer for us to not bill your insurance, let us know and we will talk you about our ‘private pay’ policy.
Once you have the prescription and/or a referral for physical therapy, call our office (Blauvelt: 845 680-2673, Pearl River: 845 589-0556, Tappan: 845 848-2506 or Valley Cottage 845 268-7800) to for an appointment.

As a courtesy, our billing staff will verify your insurance coverage and discuss what your out of pocket expense, if any, will be at the time of your appointment.

Make An Evaluation Appointment

Next, establish an initial evaluation appointment. We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs. Our clinic hours are Monday – Friday
8:00am – 7:00pm, Saturday 8:00am – 1:00pm.

For the initial evaluation, plan to be in the clinic for ninety minutes. Subsequent visits should take between sixty and ninety minutes. When you arrive for your first visit, you will need to fill out routine paper work, which includes forms for your medical history, a consent to treat/assignment of benefits form, notice of privacy practices and parent/guardian consent form if your are scheduling an appointment of someone under the age of eighteen. To expedite your first visit, please consider downloading, printing, and filling out these forms before you arrive. All forms are listed below, as well as on our home webpage.

What to Bring To Your First Visit

For your first visit to the office, please be sure to bring the following:

  • Your Insurance Card
  • Your prescription for physical therapy from your physician and a referral (if required).
  • A filled out medical history forma consent to treat form, and a notice of privacy practice form (“HIPPA”). (You can download, print, and fill out these forms from our website; however, if that’s not convenient, don’t worry. These forms can be filled out at the time of your visit.)

In addition, some insurance companies will require you to fill out additional paper work.

Lastly, we request that during your visit with the physical therapist, please dress in comfortable, loose clothing, such as shorts, sweats, or a loose t-shirt.

What To Expect At Your First Visit

During this initial evaluation, the physical therapist will examine you, discuss your problem with you in detail and provide a mutually agreed upon treatment plan to achieve your goals. The treatment plan includes number of patient visits expected and interventions including manual therapy, exercise and modalities (hot and cold packs, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, etc..) if needed. All of our therapists are trained in manual physical therapy techniques to assist in your recovery from injury or dysfunction. Manual physical therapy includes the assessment of joint movement, tissue restrictions and muscular compensation. An eclectic, hands on approach will be used to help you towards full recovery.

After the initial evaluation, your physical therapist may get you started on some general exercises. These exercises are designed to improve your condition and may be followed by a modality or a combination of modalities. The exercise prescription after your initial evaluation can be dependent on the state of your condition. Once your initial treatment is finished, you can schedule subsequent treatments or visits. Your visits are dependent on the doctor’s prescription, which has a written frequency and duration (example: 3x/week x 4weeks, which translates into 12 visits).

Downloadable Forms For Your First Visit

Before your first visit to our offices, please download, print, and fill out the following forms:

Consent To Treat PDF

Consent To Treat Word Doc

Parent Guardian Consent to Treat PDF

Parent Guardian Consent to Treat Word Doc

Outpatient Medical History PDF

Outpatient Medical History Word Doc

Patient bill of rights PDF

Patient bill of rights Word Doc

Procore Privacy Practice PDF

Procore Privacy Practice Word Doc

To download a form, hold the mouse over the desired form, RIGHT click, and select SAVE TARGET AS.

If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents, click here.